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Mystery Soap Variety Pack

Sale price$10.00

Can't decide which soap to try? Let us surprise you with our Mystery Soap Variety Pack! This delightful collection includes four unique soaps, each one crafted to offer a distinct and luxurious bathing experience. Embrace the thrill of the unknown and indulge your senses with a variety of scents, textures, and benefits.


Four Unique Soaps: Each Mystery Soap Variety Pack contains four different types of soap. From invigorating exfoliants to soothing moisturizers, every soap brings a unique blend of ingredients and aromas. (Soap names will be listed on the back) 
Premium Quality: Our soaps are handmade using the finest natural ingredients. Free from harsh chemicals, they are gentle on your skin and environmentally friendly.
Surprise Element: The fun of this pack is in the mystery! You'll never know what you're getting until you open the box. Each soap is a delightful surprise, perfect for those who love variety and spontaneity.                                                                             

Why Choose Our Mystery Soap Variety Pack?Our Mystery Soap Variety Pack is perfect for those who love to explore and try new things. It's an exciting way to discover your new favorite soap, with each bar offering a unique and delightful experience. By choosing our pack, you are supporting a brand committed to quality, sustainability, and the joy of discovery.

Size: Each mini soap bar weighs approximately 40 grams

Soap Variety Pack - Artisan Soap - Soothing Ways
Mystery Soap Variety Pack Sale price$10.00