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Soothing Ways


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Handcrafted and Hand-poured Coconut Soy Candles, Asian Soaps & Relaxing Diffusers from Connecticut

Find Peace of Mind with Our Car Diffusers/Air Fresheners

Manifest Your Journey with Our Affirmation Spiritual Candles, illuminate Your Path

Spark Your Creativity: Discover Fun in Candle Making Classes!

Luxurious Coconut Soy Candles, Asian-Inspired Soaps, and More for a Purposeful Journey

Embark on a sensory journey with Soothing Ways, where luxury meets purpose. Our premium coconut soy wax candles, crafted in Bristol, Connecticut, promise to elevate your ambiance with captivating scents. Explore our diverse range, including car diffusers and Asian-inspired soaps, each designed to soothe your senses. Join us for hands-on candle-making classes and make a positive impact while immersing yourself in the art of fragrance.

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Playful Candle Embeds: Where Creative Designs Embrace Fun and Adorable Flair


Artisanal Manufacturing in Small Batches, Utilizing Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly materials


Products powered by plants and materials sourced ethically to do no harm to all who share this planet.


Clean scents and conscious ingredients that are free of phlathates, parabens, carcinogens and other toxins.

Elevate Self Care, Empower Communities

At Soothing Ways, we're driven by a deep commitment to create a positive impact and uplift the lives of children with unique needs. With a focus on global support for special needs children, our socially conscious business is dedicated to providing tailored resources and programs. We take pride in actively serving the autism and spina bifida communities, while aspiring to extend our reach to children with diverse special needs worldwide.

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Discover the luxurious and invigorating experience of our artisan soaps, handcrafted in small batches with Asian-inspired ingredients