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Article: Our Experience with Parc: Supporting Families with Developmental Disabilities

Our Experience with Parc: Supporting Families with Developmental Disabilities - Soothing Ways

Our Experience with Parc: Supporting Families with Developmental Disabilities

In the heart of our community lies Parc, a place where every individual is cherished and supported. Recently, we had the privilege of hosting a candle making class at Parc, bringing a wave of creativity, relaxation, and joy to its residents. This blog post shares our delightful experience and the impact of our candle making sessions.


Find the Importance of providing therapeutic activities for individuals with special needs

Therapeutic activities play a crucial role in the development and well-being of individuals with special needs. They offer a sense of purpose, enhance motor skills, and provide emotional satisfaction. Our candle making class is one such activity that not only stimulates creativity but also offers therapeutic benefits, fostering a calming and inclusive environment.

Our Inspiration: Soothing Ways

Soothing Ways was born out of a deep personal connection to the special needs community. The founder, inspired by their own journey with a special needs child, sought ways to create a soothing and enriching environment. This led to the discovery of candle making as a therapeutic activity, and thus, Soothing Ways was established to share this calming practice with others.

How candle making became a form of therapy for Soothing Ways

The transformative power of candle making became evident when the we found joy and tranquility in the process. The tactile experience of molding wax, choosing scents, and seeing a finished candle provided a sense of accomplishment and relaxation. This personal success story ignited the passion to bring candle making to more individuals with special needs.
Personal experiences and success stories from our classes at Parc
At Parc, we've witnessed firsthand the positive effects of candle making. One participant, previously reluctant to engage in group activities, found joy in selecting candle colors and scents. Another individual, who struggles with anxiety, described the process as calming and looked forward to each session. These stories and many others highlight the profound impact of our classes.

The impact of our candle making classes on the community. Our candle making classes have not only benefited the residents of Parc but have also brought the community together. Volunteers and participants alike share in the joy of creation and connection, fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

Inspired by our success at Parc, we plan to expand our reach. We aim to collaborate with more facilities, bringing the therapeutic benefits of candle making to a wider audience. Our vision includes mobile workshops, online tutorials, and partnerships with local organizations to ensure accessibility for all.

Looking back, our journey with Parc Special Needs Facility has been immensely fulfilling. The smiles, laughter, and moments of serenity we've shared affirm the power of our mission. Each candle made is a testament to the creativity and resilience of the participants.

For more information or to get involved, contact us. Stay tuned for our upcoming events by visiting our website or following us on social media.



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