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Protection 16 oz Candle

Sale price$39.00

Experience the profound power of our Protection Candle, meticulously crafted to banish negative energy from your surroundings. Infused with the harmonizing properties of Clear Quartz and Obsidian crystals, this candle acts as a beacon of tranquility, ensuring your peace, protection, and security. As the candle gently flickers, it works diligently to purify your home or workplace, dispelling any lingering traces of negativity. Embrace the transformative energy and let our Protection Candle create a serene and shielded space for you.

Notes: Palo Santo Patchouli 

Our coconut beeswax candles are made with non-toxic ingredients and are 10x cleaner than conventional candles.


Protection 16 oz Candle - Soothing Ways
Protection 16 oz Candle Sale price$39.00